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Satpura National Park

Blog By Nidhi Jain

Satpura National Park

In Satpura National Park, there are hundreds of Cave shelters of great Archeological interest consisting large numbers of Rock Paintings in various styles & belonging to different periods. Satpura National Park consists Peculiar Bio-diversity of Flora, Fauna, rare Ferms, Vegetation and Migrant Birds. Rich wild life includes National Animal proud of M.P. “Tiger” along with “Leopards”, “Sambhar”, “Indian Bison (Gour)”, “Crocodile”, “Great Indian Squirrels”, “Flying Squirrels”, “Wild Dogs”, Neel Gaye, Crested Sepent Eagle,
Changeable Hawk Eagles, Honey Buzzards, Pardise Flycatchers, Pittas, Thrushes, Peafowl Bla ck Berg, Sloth Beer, Chital, Barking Dear, Chinkara, Mouse dear, Chousingha, Langoes, Rhesus Monkey, Wolf, Civet, Jackal Wild Boarand lots more throughout the reserve Specialty …

The Wilderness in Luxury at Satpura National Park Madhai MP

Blog By Preeta Roy

The Wilderness in Luxury  at  Satpura National Park  Madhai MP

In a stretch of about 520 Square Kilo Metres in the District of Narmada River Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh, a beautiful and Biggest in MP National Park cherishes itself with an Enormous Diversity of vivid Wildlife.  Sarpura National Park, the first wildlife park which provides the most dangerous yet enticing and a full safari experience amongst all the other parks on the country.  Established in the Year 1980, the Satpura national Park is known for its Population of crocodiles, Malabar giant squirrels, black Buck, Indian Bison, Leopards and wild Dogs. The park is Oopen  for the major part of the year for visitors and is closed annually from 1st June  to 10th October. 
The gates are open everyday at 6:30 in the morning till 5 in the evening and the park also provides safari packages with different time slots.  If you are a person of adrenaline and crave for adventures all the time, t…