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Satpura National Park

In Satpura National Park, there are hundreds of Cave shelters of great archeological interest consisting large   numbers of rock paintings in various styles & belonging to different periods.  This National Park consists Peculiar bio-diversity of Flora, Fauna, rare Ferms, vegetation and Migrant Birds.  Rich wild life includes National Animal proud of M.P. “Tiger” along with “Leopards”, “Sambhar”, “Indian Bison   (Gour)”, “Crocodile”, “Great Indian Squirrels”, “Flying Squirrels”, “Wild Dogs”, Neel Gaye, Crested Sepent   Eagle, Changeable Hawk Eagles, Honey Buzzards, Pardise Flycatchers, Pittas, Thrushes, Peafowl Black Berg, Sloth  Beer, Chital, Barking Dear, Chinkara, Mouse dear, Chousingha, Langoes, Rhesus Monkey, Wolf, Civet, Jackal Wild   Boarand lots morethroughoutthe reserve Specialty of this Park lies in its unforgettable scenic beauty with   large back waters of “Tava” & “Denva River as well as virgin beauty of River Sonbhadra & Naagdwari. Tourist   interested